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Union Made Patches


Welcome to UnionMadePatches.com. Here you will find quality custom-made patch emblems produced with the highest degree of craftsmanship

Patches are worn with pride displaying membership in many organizations, inclusive of labor unions, civic clubs, sports teams, company uniforms, corporate events and achievement awards. We offer four (4) types of patches: Embroidered, Woven, Photo Patches and Appliques. Appliques. have a reusable adhesive, which can be reapplied multiple times. All our patches are made of the finest materials and are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and thread colors.

We customize patch designs for new organizations, our Art Department can refresh an existing patch design. Orders for our custom patches are quoted on an individual basis. With our low minimum order of just 50 patches, we fit most budgets. Send us your design for a quick quote.